Tardis Bar

Tardis Bar was formed in 1998 with the desire to make Queenstown a better place to party. The town was dominated by crappy 80's cover-bands, Top of the Pops rubbish and the odd bingo night thrown in "for something different".

Things had to change. After pondering the options it became clear; the only solution would be to find a nice small back alleyway venue, pack it with a giant sound system, some turntables, a microphone and the best underground Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dancehall and D'n'B turntablists to be found south of the Cook Strait.

The next question was what to drink. While travelling the world in their youth, Tardis owners Matty Yates & Scott Stevens stumbled into a small German town where the men had arms like beer kegs and moustaches like brooms. "I'll have one of those!" they cried, and Jägermeister was discovered.

It is now stored in our purpose built "Jäger Fridge" keeping it at the pristine serving temperature of -17°C (by far the coldest in town).

With venue, entertainment and drinks sorted, all that was needed now was a name for the tiny bar that opened into a magical world of wonder - just like Dr. Who's Tardis! But what does the word "Tardis" actually mean? Well as it turns out it is a Latin word and translates to "more than meets the eye and larger than it seems"... and so the legend was born.

Tardis Bar, Cow Lane, Queenstown.